Global health issue has been proliferated nowadays in most of part of the world. Pandemics outbreak, for instances, has been haunted numerous stakeholders from health sectors. Looking at the status quo, in some circumstances, no major actor, by both the international community and the states' unpreparedness, seemed to have noticed the possible severity that can be done by the outbreaks. This health issue can overwhelm not only public health systems but public confidence in governments, international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and health care providers. At the height of the 2009, in H1N1 pandemic fears’ case, governments enacted travel restrictions and closed down schools and businesses suffered considerable declines as potential customers avoided public spaces.

Lack of proper equipment, training and funds; lead to all the volunteer and health worker working with international organizations potential hosts to the disease. In the end, those health workers had to be evacuated back to their country of origin; which was a potential threat all by itself. Besides, as the days pass, the moral side of the outbreak starts to overweigh the medical side of it. Unaffected states continue to debate on the fear of spread to their countries and tend to choose not send any help because of it; meanwhile that is the very reason that why Ebola is a threat to them. Outbreak has outpaced the efforts to stop it; however, the humankind can overcome the disease with dedication and proper planning.

We can firmly highlight that there are two major points that should be addressed; health worker’s preparedness in dealing with the outbreaks and countries’ coordination upon those health issues. Based on those problems, INDOHUN attempt to provide comprehensive program in alleviating those two main points, by conducting Global Health True Leader 2.0 (GHTL) and Global Health Diplomacy (GHD). GHTL is designed to build capacity, leadership and resiliency in dealing with current and emerging health threats. This capacity building is a strategic investment to promote multidisciplinary work among students from related professions, local government and related stakeholders in Indonesia. A quite different with GHTL, GHD is a strategic step for improving all level health workforce to deal with health problems, conflict resolution, and partnership as a mission for improving community quality of life. The participants will learn those aforementioned components in a country’s level by building activities, role-play exercises and negotiation simulation.

Therefore, for those who are really interested to build their capacity into the next level, Global Health True Leader 2.0 and Global Health Diplomacy are the perfect platform to accommodate your eagerness to learn new skills which will be obliging your future career in health sectors. So, what makes you wait? Read the application guides below to get further details of these amazing events and immediately fill the registration form.